Spring Decor: Interior Design Ideas to Refresh Your Home

Modern living room featuring spring decor ideas with a white leather chair and ottoman, against a textured pale blue grasscloth wall.

 Room by: Bespoke Home

As we enter a new season, it's natural to want your home to follow suit. As you put away sweaters and quilts and open the windows for spring air, you may be looking for some spring decorating ideas for the home so you can help bring your space out of the winter months and into the warmth and life of spring and summer. This article will be your guide in this process as we explore how to spruce up for spring and provide spring decor ideas for your interior design.


A collection of wallpaper rolls in various textures and pastel colors, ideal for spring interior design, standing upright against a light beige background.

Embrace a pastel color palette

To embrace spring in your interior design, focus on elevating the areas where you have a pastel color scheme. This can be achieved through decorations and accessories like area rugs, mantle displays, and upholstery, or through more permanent features like wallpaper or paint colors. A pastel color palette can create a warm and cozy space all year round, but come springtime, those details can serve as a point of inspiration for your spring decor ideas. Using your pastel features as a jumping off point, you can select seasonal spring decorations for the home, including accessories, plants, and textiles which we will discuss more in the next sections.

If you’re considering using grasscloth as a wallcovering in a room, and want to choose a welcoming, pastel color, explore some of the notable spring colors for interior design in our collection:

• Pinks: Blush, Earliglow, and Magnolia

• Blues: Moonstone, Vapor, Abalone, and Isla

• Greens: Elysian, Fennel, and Honeydew

When establishing your color palette, use flat lays to create inspiration boards and arrangements to play with color and texture to adjust to each season.


Grasscloth swatches from the "twenty2 grasscloth" collection in earthy tones on a floral print background, perfect for spring interior design.

Transition to lightweight fabrics

One of the most effective spring interior decorating ideas is to switch out your heavy-weight textiles for lighter fabrics and patterns. When putting together your spring living room decor, replace knit, fleece, or wool blankets with lighter cotton or linen throws, and swap out velvet pillows with linen pillow cases to create an airy, weightless feel. For your spring interior design, you might even consider switching your curtains to a lighter linen fabric to capture the natural light of the spring and summer months. Play with patterns across your textiles, including florals, dots, playful stripes, and gingham. 


 Incorporate flowers and plants

If you’re asking “how can I make my house feel like spring,” one of the most effective ways to complete a spring home refresh is to bring the lively natural world indoors. Brightening up your space with seasonal flowers and plants is among our top spring decorating ideas, as it is simple, versatile, and keeps your indoor space in harmony with nature. We love pairing our grasscloth collection with florals for spring interior design, and some of our favorite combinations are:

 • Playing with contrast between pink tulips and our blue Bellflower Sisal.

 • Embracing delicate subtlety with our green Elysian Sisal and a hand-picked blossom.

 • Experimenting with light using Paperweave Stellar and flowers in the wild

 • Bringing a subtle, elevated feel to any interior design with a coziness that enhances the atmosphere of any room.


    Switch your artwork

    Another spring living room decor idea is to switch your artwork to match the seasons. This can mean swapping out landscape paintings or photographs that feature wintery dark scenes, in favor of bright florals, beach scenes, or lighter abstract images. This spring decor idea is long lasting, as you can simply store an alternate set of artwork to hang around your house and swap it out for the summer and winter seasons. Doing so can help change the feel of each room and transition the space into a new season. 


    A colorful abstract painting hangs on a grasscloth wall above a stack of art books with a potted plant on top, creating a spring decor vignette.

    Elevate with neutrals

    Neutral colors are a wise choice year-round, especially when it comes to spring interior design ideas. In the winter, they can be paired with darker details and fabrics to enhance the cozy atmosphere, and in the spring, you can work to play off their lightness to elevate the room for a new season. If you have neutrals in your home, use them to your advantage and enhance the light-capturing effect of each room. Some of our grasscloth wallpapers work as an excellent foundation for your spring interior design. When playing with neutrals, texture can provide a range of effects, for example:

    • Our paperweaves like Nougatine, Ermine, and Puff which have a thick woven feel.

    • Hemp Burlap which has a heavy weave textile pattern.

    • Jute Puka which feels like an organic wood finish.

    • Fine weaves like Sisal Malt and  Twilight can make the perfect backdrop for any room with endless versatility.

    Our neutral grasscloths pair perfectly with some of our favorite designers too, allowing you to mix and match patterns and texture with your spring interior design.


    A person seated at a white table evaluating different spring decor grasscloth swatches laid out in front of them.


    Conclusion: How do you refresh your design for spring?

    Playing with neutral and pastel colors, lightweight fabrics, patterns, prints, and nature are all effective ways to elevate your spring interior design. When looking for spring decor ideas, check out our instagram where we feature our favorite flat lays and installation shots. And, if you’re considering installing grasscloth in your home, explore our shop or reach out to our team of experts for help.