• Yes. If you are an interior designer, architect or stylist, please join our Trade community to access the designer trade pricing and other benefits.

    We respond to all applications within one hour during business hours (Mon-Fri 9-5pm EST).

    Our designer/net trade prices are comparable to those offered by other grasscloth vendors, and our service is simply unmatched.

  • Our grasscloth collection is a group of hand-crafted, natural fiber wallcoverings made from sustainable, renewable plant fibers such as agave (sisal), jute, abaca and hemp grasscloth.

    These lustrous, natural wallcoverings offer the ideal texture for any room. The more than 50 beautiful, usable hues are earth-friendly throughout all phases of their life cycle. Once harvested, the plant fibers are air dried in the sun before being colored with water-based vegetable dyes. The fibers are then woven and backed with chemical-free Scandinavian papers that are VOC-free and even biodegradable. This earth-friendly profile does not diminish its suitability for commercial applications, as all of the wallcoverings are ATME-84 fire rated and highly durable.

  • All our grasscloth wallcoverings are hand-crafted by skilled weavers in an entirely eco-friendly process. Learn more about this beautiful technique.

  • No. Our grasscloth is extremely durable and is well-suited for both residential applications and higher traffic areas away from excessive moisture.

  • Our grasscloth wallcoverings are 36" wide and packed in increments of either 8 or 12 yard rolls.

  • The minimum order is either 8 or 12 yards, depending on how the item is packed. The majority of our grasscloths are packed in 8 yard rolls, with the exception of our Japanese products which are packed in 12 yard rolls.

  • We always suggest meeting with a professional paper hanger to review the location for your installation. Provide them with the size of the grasscloth roll (36" wide x 8 or 12 yards long). This will allow them to estimate the number of yards required for your job.
    You can also use our handy grasscloth calculator to get an idea of how much you need. Click "HOW MANY YARDS DO I NEED?" on the specific product page for the grasscloth item you are considering.

    NOTE: Our grasscloth is made using vegetable dyes, so dye lots will naturally vary slightly but always fall withing the color tolerance. It is important to ensure you order sufficient quantities from a single dye lot. We recommend confirming your measurements with a professional paperhanger before ordering. Or feel free to contact us. We are happy to work through your measurements with you.

  • If a product is in stock, orders can ship within 24-48 hours after we process full payment. If an item is not in stock, the lead time can vary from 1 - 12 weeks, depending on current inventory. The lead time will be noted on the page when you are viewing the product. Feel free to contact us if you have questions!

  • Our grasscloth collection should be installed using a standard clear wallpaper paste. As this is a natural, hand-crafted product and requires some installation experience, we suggest working with a professional wallpaper installer for best results.

    Look for a paperhanger in your area through the The Wallcovering Installers Association.

  • We recommend searching for a paperhanger in your area through the The Wallcovering Installers Association.

  • The beautiful colorations of our collection are created by hand with natural vegetable dyes which can bleed or stain as a result of prolonged contact with moisture. Grasscloth is a great accent for powder rooms or dressing areas adjacent to bathrooms, but we do not recommend installing in a bathroom with a shower or surrounding a tub, sink or toilet.

  • Our grasscloths can be vacuumed to release any dust that may accumulate on the surface. Do not use any cleaning products or water to clean your grasscloth, as the vegetable dyes used to create the colors can bleed or streak.

    Some paperweaves can tolerate being wiped with a soft dry rag (not damp).

  • Yes! Our broad collection of natural grasscloth walloverings is suitable for commercial applications and has been used in hotels and restaurants. It is ASTM-E84 fire rated for commercial applications and adds a punch to corporate, retail and hospitality projects.

    Please reach out directly to for more info if you have a project you're specifying.

  • The natural vegetable dyes used to create the colors of our grasscloth can be affected by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. We suggest protecting your investment with window treatments.

  • Certainly. Please contact us to discuss your project with us so we may provide you with options and lead times based on your needs.

  • Yes! We may have other options for you that are not in our standard program, or we can create a custom color for you with a 500-yard minimum, depending upon the type of material specified. Please contact us to discuss.
    You might also consider taking your walls to the next level with our custom digital printing services

  • Because our wallcoverings are hand-crafted and produced from natural fibers that vary from one growing season to the next, these products are manufactured one dye lot at a time. It is not uncommon to have slight color variations within the same dye lot; this is natural and part of the distinctive grasscloth look.

    We do not accept returns unless the grasscloth shows distinct manufacturing flaws. We strongly suggest ordering memo samples or a CFA to review the color and quality in person before ordering. Once you receive your order, please carefully inspect your product to ensure that it is in good condition and in the quantity you ordered.

  • Orders for in-stock items will ship within 1 business day and may not be cancelled. Orders for items that are not in stock will be charged just before the product ships. We will provide you with tracking information as soon as your order ships. Please contact us if you need to cancel an order for an item that is not in stock.

  • When there is no available stock for an item, we will list the expected due date just under the Add To Cart button. Arrival dates are subject to change based on current freight situations beyond our control. We will modify arrival dates on our website as needed and will keep you updated on any adjustments to the status of your order.

  • Yes! Most of the time items that were included in earlier twenty2 collections are still available to order. Please contact us with the particular grasscloth name or sku code and we will confirm if the item is available.

  • No problem! Please contact us to request a new activation link for your account. Once logged in, please review your info and update as needed, thank you.