How to Style Rooms with Grasscloth Wallpaper

As a natural fiber wallcovering, grasscloth wallpaper has the ability to enhance the design and atmosphere of any space. And, with as many as 90 skus available in our collection, the visual styles you can achieve are nearly endless. But, some rooms with grasscloth wallpaper work better than others. In this article, we’ll provide you with inspiration and include a list of suitable rooms, with grasscloth wallpaper ideas that you can use in each one.


 Best rooms with grasscloth wallpaper


Large bedroom with four poster bed, lounge chair and side table with walls covered in gray sisal grasscloth wallpaper

Room By: Stephanie London Interiors

    1. Bedroom

    Bedrooms are one of the best rooms for installing grasscloth wallpaper, as they typically don’t experience high levels of moisture (like a bathroom) or much wear and tear (like hallways). Additionally, in commercial settings, grasscloth wallpaper is well-suited for hotel bedrooms. Some grasscloth wallpaper bedroom ideas we love include creating a grasscloth wallpaper accent wall above or behind the bed. You’ll have the opportunity to play with color and texture, coordinating the hues of your bedding and textiles with the various natural weaves of the wallpaper.

    You can also expand your use to incorporate grasscloth with built-in shelves that leave the wall exposed, so you can add a pop of color or texture that comes through in the negative space between your objects.

    And, if you’re interested in adopting a creative approach, consider collaborating with a furniture maker to use the overage for end tables and night stands to create furniture pieces that coordinate with the walls. 



    Corner of a boho inspired room covered in paperweave wallpaper with a pink watercolor painting, sofa and table with plant 

    Room by: Lusi Designs


    2. Living Room 

    Another ideal space for grasscloth wallpaper is the living room. While there is always the option to cover all the walls with a full installation, if you are looking for a more subtle splash of color or texture, an accent wall is a good fit above a fireplace, or on a gallery wall. Incorporating grasscloth can help create contrast, for example: if you are working with a white or off-white color palette, using a grasscloth like Grayling Paperweave can enhance the texture and level of detail in the room.

    If you are looking to cover either the full room or a longer continuous wall and want to avoid the seam look that is standard with horizontal-weave grasscloths (a feature that we believe makes it a natural, beautiful material), then a paper option like Cirrus, or any other basket-weave style, will give you a smoother finish between panels, creating  a unique cohesive visual effect.



    Traditional formal dining room with table and white cushioned chairs, a chandelier with orange lamp shades and a wall covered in blue grasscloth wallpaper

    Room by: Georgia Street Design 


    3. Dining Room

    There are many ways to incorporate grasscloth wallpaper in the dining room  to elevate the decor. If the space is small, be sure to protect the grasscloth from chairs and scuffing. One solution is to install the wallpaper above wainscoting, so it is only featured on the top half of the wall. This can be both a practical and visual solution to decorating your dining room with grasscloth wallpaper.

    Additionally, we endorse installing wallpaper on the ceiling to give dimension to the ‘fifth wall.’ This is an innovative way of transforming rooms with grasscloth wallpaper, and  can work well to complement statement light fixtures. Depending on the grasscloth you choose, the natural texture and sheen can make the space feel larger and brighter.



     Powder room with round bronze mirror, marble sink and green grasscloth wallpaper

    4. Powder Room 

    While bathrooms are not an ideal fit, powder rooms can be perfect rooms for grasscloth wallpaper installations. When considering how to install grasscloth wallpaper in a powder room, you may opt to incorporate one of the methods we mentioned above, like using wainscoting. Alternatively, you can add drama to the interior of a powder room with a full installation that covers all the walls. For a high-impact effect, choose a darker shade like Sisal Inkwell or Jute Maritime. Or, make the space brighter with a metallic, reflective colorway like Halo or any of our other Shimmer options.


     Two pictures side by side, one is of a living room with a built in book self and electric blue lounge chairs, the other is a home office space with console table and blue grasscloth covered walls

    Den Room by: Bespoke Home and Office by: By Barnes Design


    5. Den or Home Office 

    Finally, for a den or home office, beyond decorating the walls, you can use grasscloth wallpaper to enhance the storage features of your space. Cabinet inlays are a unique and stunning way of bringing grasscloth onto the furniture to enhance the details in any room.


    Avoid these rooms with grasscloth wallpaper 

    1. Bathroom

    Customers often ask: can you use grasscloth wallpaper in a bathroom? Grasscloth wallpaper bathroom installations usually are not long lasting since the moisture in the room can damage the materials by having the natural dyes run. As a result, we advise against this and suggest you choose one of the spaces we mentioned above, instead.

    2. Kitchen

    Similar to the bathroom, grasscloth wallpaper kitchen installations can be a risky choice. The various particles in the air in the kitchen–like steam, grease, and smoke–can damage the surface of the grasscloth. One of the benefits of working with grasscloth as a material is its durability and long-lasting nature, but installing it in a sub-optimal space can undercut those attributes.


    Explore the options available with grasscloth wallpaper

    If you’re looking to decorate your rooms with grasscloth wallpaper, explore our collection of natural, eco-friendly products. Whether you have a standard installation in mind, or are looking to do something experimental with cabinet inlays, speak to a knowledgeable member of our team for guidance on your order. We invite you to explore our range of grasscloth textures and colors on our website or our Instagram page.