How much grasscloth wallpaper do I need?

A buyer's guide: how to measure grasscloth wallpaper and what to consider before buying.

Soft lit home office with pale gray grasscloth walls and shelves with objects

Room by: SVM Design 


To help you figure out how to pick grasscloth wallpaper and determine how much wallpaper you will need, we’ve put together a few tips on choosing grasscloth types, considering seam visibility, and the importance of hiring a professional installer. We’ve also compiled a wallpaper measuring guide which will cover the following:

  • How to measure a room for wallpaper 
  • Standard wallpaper roll size versus grasscloth roll size
  • Using our wallpaper yardage calculator
  • How much extra wallpaper do I need?


    Picking the right grasscloth for your project 

    When considering installing a grasscloth wallpaper in your home or office, you will need to consider the following: Location, color / style type and seams


    Location - Consider installing grasscloth wallpaper in a small powder room, a children’s bedroom, a primary bedroom, a dining room, a living room, an office space or a den. We do not recommend installing grasscloth in a bathroom or any area with high humidity, as the natural vegetable dyes are likely to run.


    Color / Style type - As we mentioned in an earlier blog, What is Grasscloth Wallpaper and Why Do Designers Choose Grasscloth?, you will need to consider color and style type (textured, smooth, shimmery, etc) before calculating how much wallpaper you will need.


    Whether your style is traditional or modern, casual or maximalist, twenty2 Grasscloth offers a beautifully curated selection of designer-friendly colors like classic neutrals, beachy blues, and soft pastel colors. In addition we have a stunning group of textured, moody and shimmery options.


    Seams - When you think of grasscloth wallpaper, you likely picture a beautiful room enveloped in grasscloth with noticeable “seams” between each panel. We, and many others, consider these one of grasscloth’s beauty marks. Some people, however, may prefer to have a more minimal-seam appearance and we have beautiful options for both styles.


    As a rule of thumb, grasscloth wallpapers with prominent horizontal weaves (such as sisal, jute, arrowroot or abaca) will enhance the seamed look. If you’re looking to have a minimal-seamed look, any paper that is basket-woven (weave in both directions) such as our Japanese paperweaves and most of our standard paperweaves, will be good choices. We suggest looking at our Gallery page or searching online for images of rooms installed with grasscloth to better understand the different looks.

    Vertical fan of grasscloth samples in blue, lavender and pale gray


    How do you measure grasscloth wallpaper?

    Whether you’re installing grasscloth wallpaper in a powder room, a children’s or a primary bedroom, a dining or a living room, the best way to measure for wallpaper is to calculate how much square footage of wallpaper you need for covering the desired space. First, you need to understand wallpaper measurements.


    Understanding wallpaper measurements

    Standard wallpaper rolls generally measure 27” wide and are packaged in 5 yard lengths. Our grasscloth wallpaper measures 36” wide and almost all are packed in 8-yard rolls (72 square feet in a roll). Only our Japanese paperweaves are packaged in 12-yard length rolls.


    How to calculate wallpaper needed

    We recommend using our wallpaper yardage calculator, which can be found in each product page and clicking on the How many yards do I need? button.

    Detailed view of a bed with two earth toned pillows and a natural grasscloth on the wall behind

    Room by: A.I. Interiors


    How much wallpaper for one wall vs. a whole room?

    Be sure to have a sturdy tape measure, preferably one that is at least a 25-foot length, and a paper and pencil for making notes. 

    Measure the WIDTH - Start by laying down the tape measure at one end of your wall and letting out the tape until you get the opposite end of the same wall. Make a note of the measurement and round it up to the nearest foot.

    Measure the HEIGHT - Next, roll out your tape measure far enough to reach the ceiling, or top of the wall you intend to cover. You may need someone to help with securing the tape measure in place so that you can measure all the way down to the floor. Make a note of the height, and round it up to the nearest foot.

    Hand with a tape measure against a white wall to show how to measure wall width for wallpaper Person showing how to measure height of wall for wallpaper using a tape measure

    Don’t worry about measuring for wallpaper with windows, just make note of the width and height of each wall (including windows). Once you have the measurements for that wall, enter them into our wallpaper calculator (found on the page of the product you’re interested in). Our calculator will round up to the nearest roll quantity needed, whether 8-yard or 12-yard rolls, to determine how much wallpaper you need.


    If you’re planning to install grasscloth wallpaper throughout the room, click the “+ ADD WALL” button to add another wall. Repeat the process described above, entering the measurements for Width and Height for each wall. Our wallpaper yardage calculator will calculate the total wallpaper needed for your project.


    How much extra grasscloth wallpaper should I buy?

    If you’re still wondering how much wallpaper you need, or how much extra wallpaper to order, we recommend ordering at least one extra roll to have available in case something goes wrong during installation, or there is an unforeseen issue in the future. By ordering an extra roll when you place your order, it ensures that your entire order is from one dyelot. This will save you time (and a headache) if you encounter any issues down the road. 

    Three pastel colored rolls of grasscloth shown in front of a tan background


    Hiring a professional installer vs. DIY

    We at twenty2 Grasscloth strongly recommend hiring a professional wallpaper hanger, particularly one that has experience working with grasscloth! This is a crucial piece of the puzzle to ensure that your investment is cared for and installed correctly – so it’s worth the added expense. Be sure to have your installer confirm how much wallpaper you need for your project before placing your order.

    Installing a natural grasscloth wallpaper can be trickier than one thinks, so we do not recommend installing yourself unless you have had experience with this. If you choose to DIY, there are many sites and videos online you can find to help.


    Another tip: be sure to inspect your order when it arrives! Check to make sure you received the correct item you ordered, and when it comes time to install, inspect each roll for any product defects before hanging! We will not be responsible for replacing any defective product after it has been installed. You can read more about our Return Policy here

    We encourage you to take a look at our FAQ page where you may find answers to questions you may not have known you had!

    Warmly lit black table lamp on a small round table with a glass snail decorative object

    In summary

    • Research - Spend some time online researching grasscloth installation images to better understand weave styles, color choices, and seaming.
    • Choose - Shop our Edits on our website to see our curated collection of grasscloth options by color and texture. Be sure to order a sample of the item you like, since seeing and feeling your choice can make all the difference.
    • Calculate - Measure the length and height of each wall in the space you plan to install your grasscloth; we suggest referencing our grasscloth calculator to get an idea of how many rolls will be needed. We strongly recommend confirming the calculation with a professional wallpaper installer.
    • Order extra - Be sure to order an extra roll to have on hand for unforeseen issues during the installation process, or other events that may occur in the future, when you would need to patch an area.
    • FAQ - We think our FAQ section can be a great help in answering any questions you may have, but if you’re still unsure of something, you can always contact us and we’ll be sure to respond as quickly as possible! 


    Good luck and enjoy the process!