An Eco-Friendly Color Palette: Our Favorite Grasscloth Wallpaper Colors

There are endless grasscloth wallpaper colors available, and the natural, eco-friendly nature of this material makes it an adaptable and inspiring design feature. Here at twenty2 Grasscloth, we’ve curated a collection of our favorite, timeless designer-friendly colors. In this article, we will walk you through some color palette options and particular papers to consider as you design your space.


Two photos side by side of close up spaces with grasscloth wallpaper

 Room By: Kim Wolfe

    Neutral creams

    Within our collection, the neutral tones and beige grasscloth wallpaper options are among the most popular. Retaining their natural color, options like Sisal Tonic, Jute Puka, and Sisal Malt all have a naturally varied, light wood-coloring that makes them the perfect backdrop for any interior. Although we don’t carry any dyed yellow grasscloth in our collection, a light natural color like Textile Wheaten will be the closest match for a yellow grasscloth wallpaper option. As a textile material, it will also buffer sound most effectively. For a darker neutral that is more of a brown grasscloth wallpaper, our Arrowroot Durum is a thick texture with a prominent striping pattern which adds a more dramatic effect than some of the lighter cream colorways.

    * Grasscloth wallpaper decorating idea: Use a neutral grasscloth wallpaper color as the backdrop for a busy gallery wall. It will help set a calm baseline and bring out the warm undertones in the artwork and photographs.  



    Red and white striped vase with eucalyptus leaves on a table next to a stack of teacups in front of white paperweave wallpaper



    Some of the white grasscloth wallpaper options in our collection can help you play with texture to achieve an elevated design, while keeping the space bright and neutral. Color isn’t the only way to play with light, shadow, and pattern, and the endless textual variance that decorating with grasscloth wallpaper brings can truly light up a room. Our Paperweave Salt features a finer weave, whereas our Paperweave Puff has a thicker weave that will stand out from a distance with its double hatched pattern. A few other white options we can recommend are: Textile Calla, Paperweave Nougatine, and Paperweave Stellar, which is a beautiful pearlescent white.

    * White grasscloth wallpaper is one of the best grasscloth wallpaper colors to use if you are looking to enhance a subtle elegance in the backdrop of your space by using textural details, without drawing too much attention using bold, solid colored papers.



    Close up of a wooden bedroom door and dresser with navy blue grasscloth wallpaper

    Deep Blues

    While we’ve discussed the opportunities that come with using a white or neutral grasscloth wallpaper color, on the other side of the spectrum, our dark blue grasscloth wallpaper colors offer an entirely different set of opportunities to a room. There are many options to choose from, each with different undertones and textural varieties. Sisal Inkwell is a deep, rich indigo tone with a fine weave, while our Jute Maritime is a similar deep blue but with a soft, thick jute weave. Sisal Lazulite is considered a blue seagrass wallpaper, while Sisal Laguna or Jute Halyard are true grasscloth blue wallpapers.

    Beyond the deep blues, there are some lighter cool tones like the blue Sisal Bellflower or Sisal Larkspur.  If you’re interested in tones that are of an aqua grasscloth color, we can suggest Sisal Aegean, Jute Abalone, Sisal Elysian, or Abaca Moonstone. For a greener, light sage grasscloth wallpaper, you might consider Arrowroot Honeydew and Sisal Coriander. Any of these options can add drama and contrast to a space to make a bold statement with your interior design choices.

    * Tip for working with a rich blue colored grasscloth wallpaper: Let the deep tone set the backdrop for a high-contrast space by incorporating bright artwork, white accents, and warm pops of color that can balance out the bold effect on the walls.



      Side by side photos of a dining room entryway and bedroom with wallpapered grasscloth

       Rooms by: Lusi Design and Exult Design

       Moody Grays

      Incorporating gray grasscloth wallpaper colors can set the tone for a cooler neutral space, in contrast to the warm effect of some of the neutral creams we discussed above. Within our collection of gray grasscloth wallpaper, we have options ranging from the light and bright, to the deep dark grays, and even some ultra-chic grasscloth wallpaper black tones, like Sisal Pitch and Abaca Blackthorn.

      The weave and pattern of the gray you choose can vary drastically. The subtle classic look of a Sisal Twilight or  a blue-gray like Sisal Chill is different from the busy, thicker weave of Paperweave Saxony or Japanese Paperweave Billow. We also have warmer grays that include brown natural wood-looking accents, like Jute Hessite or Jute Pyrite. And finally, for a deep dark charcoal colored grasscloth wallpaper, opt for Sisal Flint or Sisal Constellation.

      * When decorating, don’t underestimate the intricacy that gray colors of grasscloth wallpaper can bring to a space. Just because it’s a neutral tone, it doesn’t mean it is always plain or muted.



        Unmade daybed in front of a wall of artwork with pink grasscloth wallpaper

         Room by: Bella Mancini Designs

        Soft warm pinks

        If you’re looking to add a warm and subtle grasscloth wallpaper color to your space, we recommend three options. First, Sisal Earliglow which is a pink grasscloth wallpaper with a fine weave and neutral light sisal accents. Second is Sisal Blush, which is the closest to an orange grasscloth wallpaper or coral grasscloth wallpaper color we offer. Stay tuned for our fall capsule collection, where we will be introducing a beautiful terracotta jute! Finally, our recommendations for a  purple grasscloth wallpaper are these three distinct sisals: Urchin, Acanthus, and Plume. Each of these grasscloth wallpaper colors can brighten up a space with a splash of joy.

        * When using a soft and warm grasscloth wallpaper, consider contrasting with cooler details to balance out the color intensity.



          Three rolls of shimmery paperweave and jute wallpaper

          Beyond colored grasscloth wallpaper: Playing with texture and light 

          Across all colors, one of the most beautiful aspects of grasscloth wallpaper is the ability to play with pattern through texture and light. Thick weaves, natural or metallic-rubbed fibers make grasscloth options like Paperweave Ermine, Sisal Brill, or Jute Teacake dynamic and playful, adapting to the light and architecture of the space while also changing throughout the day as the sun hits the room differently.

          Bring your space to life

          If you’re interested in incorporating colored grasscloth wallpaper into your interior, we recommend ordering samples and playing with flatlays to solidify your color palette. Speak to our team and order samples today to get started.